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XSEDE InformationServices "XSEDE-IS" enable discovery of XSEDE's integrated operational infrastructure thru central web APIs. The XSEDE User Portal, Science Gateways, and command line tools access XSEDE-IS APIs in order to display infrastructure information to users, and in order to access and use that infrastructure.

Information Types

XSEDE-IS has static descriptive information and dynamic status information. This information is aggregates from multiple XSEDE sources and stored in a central warehouse.

Primary information types:

  1. XSEDE Operated Enterprise Services Description and Usage Information
  2. Distributed HPC/HTC/Storage/Visualization Resource (Infrastructure) Descriptions
  3. Distributed Batch System, Queue, and Job Status
  4. Distributed Software and Service Description, Usage Information, and Monitored Status
  5. Infrastructure Outage Announcements

Information Access APIs

Available XSEDE-IS APIs 

  • Warehouse HTTP REST API documentation (swagger)
  • Command line interface documentation (xdinfo)